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Perenio IoT launches on the global market at CES 2020 and announces pre-order Kickstarter campaign, which starts in March

January 08, 2020


Perenio IoT launches on the global market at CES 2020 and announces pre-order Kickstarter campaign, which starts in March

Perenio IoT announces the worldwide launch within Consumer Electronics Show 2020 and pre-order yours on our Kickstarter campaign, which starts in March.

The company, developing the building management system, is going to present the core product IoT Router Elegance and the product line of the upcoming ecosystem at Sands, booth #40247.

Perenio’s products are the perfect anchoring point for all who are looking at making their lives more streamlined with the connected home concept without spending a fortune. Perenio IoT solutions allow to optimize costs, not clutter up space, and get rid of a large number of cables and outlets. Perenio evokes feelings of comfort and forethought.

Perenio’s IoT Router Elegance is a multi-protocol IoT router, which combines multiple modules to manage a range of Internet access and smart home control tasks. Primarily, the IoT Router carries out tasks of covering powerful and stable connection, taking into account the noisy space with signals from other devices. Designed for Wi-Fi 2.4/5.8 GHz, Gigabit Ethernet and built-in LTE, the IoT Router is equally functional for an apartment and home, as well as large office spaces.

Besides, it’s not just about router functionality: Perenio focuses on all-round solutions. Beyond the initial features of Internet access, the IoT Router replaces several devices you might need in the past. Now it’s also a fully-fledged Gateway for smart home remote control, which can cover up to 150 connected smart devices. Simultaneously.

IoT Router Elegance can work autonomously, regardless of the stability of the power supply and signal of the Internet provider due to an in-built battery for uninterrupted performance, up to 10 hours without charging.

For CES 2020 Perenio IOT launches IoT Router Elegance with the set of stylish interchangeable cases. Now it also goes with variations of appearance beyond the classic black and white design. Due to five transposable cases, you can change the way it looks like to set the mood or to fit the interior.

IoT Router Elegance is the device you won’t want to hide under the table, behind the shelf or in any other nook. It can perfectly become a rightful accent in the whole interior in conjunction with other objects of decor. It’s the first router and control gateway that embodies a sense of style and superior design — a fashion-forward IoT solution that the user can perceive just as they would an accessory.

IoT Router Elegance supports devices with Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave protocols, that covers almost everything in the smart home scope, from Apple HomeKit to Google Home. In the first quarter of 2020, Perenio IoT products will integrate the Local Home software development kit, which powers Google Assistant Connect.

In addition to IoT Router Elegance, the Perenio product line includes smart home accessories like sensors and security systems (Power Link, Indoor Motor PIR Camera, Indoor Fixed Camera, Smoke Sensor, Leak Sensor, Door&Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, Control Gateway, Smart IR Remote Control).

Accompanied by the Perenio Smart application, the smartphone turns into own control center in one's pocket. With Perenio, the smart ecosystem isn’t just a set of alienated and disparate devices. The app allows to monitor and collect the stats and records from the linked devices, get alerts and notifications about their statuses, so it can fulfill remote control of connected devices through a common ecosystem.

Perenio IoT serves the needs of the community within the building, be it a family, colleagues or friends. Perenio takes routine and “first things first” as stability and safety and lets to focus on life without giving it a hard thought.

Look for Perenio IoT at Sands Expo, Level 2, Halls A-D, booth 40247, or Google booth.

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