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Pre-order for ECO-Smart Heater Perenio Joule is оpen

November 13, 2020


Pre-order for ECO-Smart Heater Perenio Joule is оpen

The Czech technology company Perenio IoT presents a new product to the market - an Smart ECO-friendly Infrared Heater Joule with a stylish ergonomic design and a high degree of safety. The device is made in Europe.

Smart ECO-friendly Infrared Heater Perenio Joule was created on the base patented graphene-based heating technology for uniform and eco-friendly room heating. It provides light gradual heating of the room, allows you to maintain the set temperature, does not dry the air and does not burn oxygen, maintaining the natural balance of humidity, and does not emit harmful substances that affect the well-being and health of people. This allows users to use the heater without buying and installing additional devices such as a humidifier.

Three control modes are available: manual, via free mobile app Perenio Smart / Perenio Lite in a smartphone, with voice assistants Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant. Remote control via a mobile application or voice commands by virtual assistants allows:

  • to turn on/off the heater;
  • to set the temperature and timer;
  • to track energy consumption;
  • to customize personal scenarios.

For example, a smart heater can be activated on the way home in the app, or pre-set the automatic turn-on time to return to a warm and cozy home. This function is necessary for hosts of houses in villages and cottages.

Joule has a high-strength tempered glass case, power surge protection, and anti-tipping gyroscope. In the case of the downfall or 45 degrees overturn, the heater immediately turns off, and the user receives a push notification to the smartphone. Child lock function in the mobile application to lock the on/off button allows users to set-up a smart heater even when there are kids and pets at home without adults.

Piezo element against overheating shuts off power supply when the maximum allowable temperature is exceeded. Temperature sensor allows remote maintenance of the climate control function.

The energy efficiency of the heater is close to 100%. The power consumption is 800 W, which is more than two times lower than the energy consumption of appliances for heating (1500-2000 W). In this case, the room is heated most efficiently due to the even distribution of heat.

The minimalistic design perfectly complements any interior design style. Aesthetics in every millimeter and a choice of color palette: classic black or white, mirror gold or silver, make it versatile. Easy installation is foreseen on the floor or wall horizontally and vertically using special brackets and leg stands included. Customized design is possible - the heater panel can be done in other colors and from other eco-materials, for example, stone or marble.

Perenio Joule premium heater is an ideal version for private apartments and flats in the city, home & cottages in the countryside, in offices and shops, beauty salons, and cafes in case of needs additional aesthetic heating devices for a perfect client's experience.

“Perenio improves the quality of consumer’s life, thus we constantly study the market and the needs of potential clients. These are both geeks, interested in being the first users of any technological innovation, and modern families who care about health. The consumer appreciates the time and wants to minimize routine household chores - that’s what we strive by expanding our product family. When creating products, the Perenio team looks at the world through the eyes of customers, whether it is a family living in an apartment, or a private business - a hotel, office center, store, cafe, or beauty salon, whose task is to automate the management and improve customer comfort. At the same time, our goal remains constant - to improve the user experience, simplify human’s daily life, make it more comfortable and, most importantly, safer. Joule is a new generation of smart home appliances. It is made of eco-friendly materials, has multiple remote control modes, and safety for children and animals thanks to built-in sensors. Its functionality is fully responsible for creating a healthy and comfortable climate: it maintains a given temperature conditions and does not dry the air and skin, whether it is a city apartment or a public space indoors, ”said Natalia Rodina, Marketing Director of Perenio IoT.

Pre-order and welcome-offer at a special price are available on the Perenio official website.

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