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Experts in distribution, inventors at heart

ASBIS Group is one of the leading distributors of Information & Communications Technology in EMEA markets and a creator of custom business solutions and consumer electronics for the general public.


Transparency, Respect, Partnership, Leadership


ASBIS was founded in 1990 by Serhei Kostevitch – a man with a passion for technology and a background in microelectronics R&D. He saw the immense potential in the upcoming computer industry and his dream was to work on developing this direction.

In 1995 we incorporated the holding company in Cyprus and moved the headquarters to Limassol. And in 1997, ASBIS was already recognized by vendors as the fastest growing distributor of computer components in the EMEA region, reaching over 100 million USD in revenue. In 2007 the company completed an IPO on Warsaw Stock Exchange.

With the growth of our distribution business, we also began creating our own technology. Our focus was on consumer products that could provide the best value for money to the mass market. Gradually, our brands grew to include unique and innovative technology that was very enthusiastically received and inspired us to develop further in this direction.

Today, ASBIS has offices in 27 countries and employs over 2,000 people. We are aiming to continue our growth, bringing new technology to more places and taking more people on this journey with us.



Distribution of information and communication technology is at the core of our business. Our partners get access to more than 110,000 IT products from leading manufacturers, because of the strong and long-lasting relationships we’ve created with our vendors.

Through 2 master distribution centers, located in the Czech Republic and the United Arab Emirates, our Cyprus headquarters supports the network of 30+ stock points located all over the EMEA region. This network supplies the Group's operations and its customers in more than 60 countries.


In B2C distribution we cover all e-tail and retail and focus on PC peripherals and gaming, TV and home appliances, premium audio/video products, printing solutions, and electronic software.

ASBIS owns Apple Premium Reseller stores in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, making available a full range of Apple products and services to the local community. These stores ensure that clients get official guarantees with their purchases, repair services, and free recycling of old devices.

In our effort to support a circular economy, ASBIS also established Breezy - a network of device trade-in stores that give gadgets a second life, minimizing waste and reducing all types of pollution. The project currently operates in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Armenia.


Many years of work in IT distribution gave us enough insight and expertise to start creating our own technology. We invest in research and development of innovative products that can improve quality of life and be available to everyone. 

Starting from a wide range of consumer electronics, ASBIS grew its portfolio to include brands that work on cutting-edge technologies in various sectors, including Healthcare, Energy, and Education.

AENO is a young dynamic brand of smart household appliances

Canyon is a dynamically growing brand of high-quality and stylish, yet affordable mobile accessories, computer gadgets and wearables

Lorgar is a brand of gaming devices aimed to bring the gaming experience to a high level
Prestigio is an international brand that has been offering a wide range of consumer electronics for home, education, and business for 20 years

Prestigio Solutions specializes in the production and delivery of innovative technological solutions for business and education


ASBIS is a team of experienced specialists who have a strong understanding of the technologies and complete grasp of data centers’, cloud service providers’ and VARs’ needs.

We can support our partners with in-depth consultations for their specific business challenges and offer additional services needed to successfully implement their plans.

With the help of our team, our partners can upgrade existing infrastructure, implement IT innovations and provide modern user experience.


In 2021 ASBIS has achieved the following results:

Sales revenue 3 077 976 000 USD
Gross profit margin 7.1%
Operating profit 113 749 000 USD
Net profit 77 067 000 USD