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December 10, 2006
IT Europa, an authoritative publication on Europe’s ICT channel, published an article on ASBIS’ listing at the London Stock Exchange. The article refers to ASBIS as ‘a major contender in wholesale across eastern Europe’ and extensively quotes ASBIS’ CEO Siarhei Kostevitch, who comments on the company’s objectives and plans related to the listing.
November 17, 2006
Russia has long been a distinctive IT market, with a limited presence of international distributors and PC vendors. Last time we visited the expansive nation, there was a sense that this could change, but while PC assemblers remain strong, the distribution channel faces a number of threats. IT Europa assesses how the market has developed in the last 12 months…
October 27, 2006
Poland remains a notoriously local market, with few foreign distributors having a noteable presence, except Actebis and Tech Data which are placed first and second in the country. But following EU accession in 2004, Polish distributors have been feeling on edge with the risk of more competitors entering the market, and they are specialising in an attempt to fortify themselves. IT Europa looks deeper...
October 13, 2006
Two years ago, the PC market in the Czech Republic was becoming startlingly mature, and resembling a western market in all but name. Growth of PC unit shipments was slow, as a result of a saturated market - a population of 10 million were managing to buy 500,000 PCs a year. But sales growth has really picked up in the last year as vendors tap into the lucrative retail sector, and small businesses start buying notebooks. IT Europa assesses how the market is shaping up for 2007...
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