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Keep your data safe and protected with Prestigio MultiCloud, new ultra-secure free cloud storage

February 06, 2014

Prestigio, cloud

Keep your data safe and protected with Prestigio MultiCloud, new ultra-secure free cloud storage

SurDoc have announced the launch of MultiCloud, new and most protected cloud storage for Prestigio users.

Prestigio, an international manufacturer of mobile devices, consumer electronics and accessories, and SurDoc, the technology leader of secure, cloud-based storage, have announced the launch of MultiCloud, new and most protected cloud storage for Prestigio users. 

Powered by SurDoc, the winner of a 2013 cloud storage competition, Prestigio MultiCloud is preloaded on all MultiPhones and MultiPads since February 2014 and is also available in Prestigio Installer. Sign in with Prestigio ID and get the best cloud experience with 200 GB of FREE storage for 1 year!

“Quick data access always ensures the best performance of our devices. With Prestigio MultiCloud we want to give more than just free space, easy data reach and convenience. Today Prestigio is the first company to introduce 200 GB of free storage for 365 days to its end-users,” commented Yuri Antoshkin, General Manager, Prestigio EMEA. 

The only cloud storage that cannot read your files.

Prestigio MultiCloud is powered by SurDoc TruPrivacy™ technology. This breakthrough technology uses the file itself as the encryption key, so only the data owner can have it, enabling for the first time 100% truly secure data in the cloud.

“At most cloud storage providers, employees can view users’ data. These providers can’t guarantee that a bored, curious, or dishonest employee will not view, reveal or distribute the contents of a customers’ data unless the data is encrypted and the company doesn’t have the encryption key. With TruPrivacy protection technology used in Prestigio MultiCloud nobody but you can read and use your files,” assumed Alex Wang, CEO at SurDoc.

Auto-upload photos, videos, music and more from your Prestigio device through Wi-Fi.

Prestigio MultiCloud is a quick and easy way to transfer your files into storage. Once Wi-Fi is on you can upload the data you select with just one click. The compressed and encrypted copies of your files are immediately sent over your Internet connection to the secure data centre.

Auto-backup files from all of your devices to your personal cloud.

Storing your files in MultiCloud means their permanent protection. It’s an automatic non-stop backup of your data whenever you are connected to the Internet. MultiCloud continues to save new files and saves any changes to existing files. Once the feature is activated, it runs automatically.

Access, view and edit files in your personal cloud regardless of file format without installing or buying any other software or app.

The MultiCloud application is preinstalled in all Prestigio MultiPhones and MultiPads since February 2014 making it effortless to reach data in storage. Prestigio users can access the files from their devices anytime providing their Internet connection is on. 

High-fidelity view with best online viewer.

Fast and easy access to MultiCloud storage from any web-connected Prestigio device enables users to view and edit their files where ever they are. You can be absolutely sure that your file will open and be viewed in its original formatting on any device thanks to VisiDoc™ technology provided by SurDoc.

It converts documents into images for comfortable viewing while the original file formats are preserved. As of now, VisiDoc is the best online viewer: there is no waiting for large attachments, no worry that an attachment contains a harmful virus or that your recipient won’t open the file.

Also, VisiDoc™ at MultiCloud lets you mark up, comment and even sign your documents!

Easy file sharing through links, email, Facebook and Twitter

Prestigio MultiCloud is not only meant for data storage. It’s definitely a perfect tool for sharing information. You can send files and links to your social media accounts using proper MultiCloud features. Also, whenever you need a file to be attached to your e-mail, MultiCloud can do this. And note that everything mentioned above is easily done on any Prestigio MultiPhone or MultiPad.

200 GB storage for FREE for 1 year and vast opportunities to earn more.

The moment you sign up to MultiCloud with a Prestigio ID you get 200 GB of free storage for a year. Converted to currency, it equals about 20 Euro that you can spend on something else other than a storage purchase.

Keep your Free Storage for additional years or earn more free storage by clicks and social activity. Get up to 1TB of free storage just by telling others about SurDoc services: refer friends, share files, like on Facebook or retweet. Each activity brings additional free storage!

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