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New Prestigio GPS Featuring 3D Visualization and Only 13mm-thin!

October 19, 2009

Prestigio, GPS navigation

New Prestigio GPS Featuring 3D Visualization and Only 13mm-thin!

Two new GPS navigation devices: the GeoVision4100 and GeoVision3100, who were conceived to make your life easier

GPS navigators Prestigio


GeoVIsion 3100

Prestigio is happy to introduce two new GPS navigation devices to its portfolio: the GeoVision 4100 and GeoVision 3100, who were conceived to make your life easier, with simplicity and convenience in mind. Only 13mm-thin and featuring 3D visualization, taking the right way was never so easy!  

Prestigio is dedicated to offer the best performing software on the market, and the GV3100 and GV4100 are no exception! They both offer award-wining navigation software iGO AMIGO, with detailed maps and impressive visualization in three dimensions for easy orientation wherever you go: It is now easy to recognize buildings and famous landmarks while driving by. The high-resolution touch screen display features a simple and easy-to-learn interface. The screen’s vivid colors, large buttons, clear texts, intuitive icons and animated screen transitions will enhance your navigation experience. You also have access to thousands of points of interests (POI) such as gas stations, hotels and restaurants.  

GPS navigator

The trendy and highly practical design is also a key feature of the GV3100 and GV4100: These GPS are compact, light, ultra-slim and only 13mm-thin. They are among the thinnest navigation devices on the market, and can easily be carried around in a pocket or a purse.

The difference between these two new models in Prestigio’s portfolio lays in the screen size: The GV3100 has a 3.5” display, while the GV4100 is 4.3”. They offer the same great specifications and key features:

  • Both the GV3100 and GV4100 come as standard with an integrated tutorial, which explains all the important features to the first-time users, in a slide-show format.
  • The touch screen’s virtual smart keyboard speeds up the process of entering city and street names by offering the most likely matching choices, based on previous destinations and on most populated cities.
  • The GV3100 and GV4100 features a sophisticated route calculation, for not only the fastest, shortest or more economical route variants, but also easy-to-follow routes, which require fewer and simpler maneuvers.
  • The route overview presents the route variant (fast, short, economical and easy-to-follow) and their most important properties on a top-down map and give the users the freedom to choose among suggested options.
  • The smart history literally learns the users’ driving behaviors and habits, and offers a list with most likely destinations based on the current GPS position and previous routes taken. 
  • The “Where am I” function helps users in emergency situations, by specifying the current GPS position and helping to locate nearby assistance such as police station, ambulance, break-down services, etc.
  • Both GPS navigation devices offer voice guidance available in 43 languages and clear voice choices. This allows you to keep your eyes safely on the road and rely entirely on the voice guidance while driving.
  • It is also now easy to update maps and purchase additional content 24/7, thanks to the dedicated web portal With 20% of European roads changing every year, having the latest content for your GPS is essential, whether you are a road tripper, frequent traveler or somebody who wants to save time and avoid getting lost.

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