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February 26, 2010

SAPPHIRE, graphics card


The SAPPHIRE HD 5830 is a new graphics card based on the latest 40nm graphics architecture from the ATI division of AMD.


Available for order
in March

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 Sapphire HD 5830


The SAPPHIRE HD 5830 is a new graphics card based on the latest 40nm graphics architecture from the ATI division of AMD.

It features 1120 stream processors and 56 texture units. With its core clocks of 800MHz and DDR5 memory with speeds of 1000MHz (4GHz effective), it represents a new value proposition in the successful HD 5800 series. 

The  SAPPHIRE  HD  5830  delivers  fast,  smooth  implementation of DirectX10.1, DirectX 10 and DirectX  9.0  games  and  applications,  and  supports  stunning  new  levels  of  detail,  transparency  and lighting effects  in  the  latest  releases of software using DirectX 11. All of  this comes with  the modest active power consumption of less than 175W – and using Dynamic Power Management the card has a new super low-power idle mode at less than 27W.

DirectX 11 Support

All  the products  in  the HD 5800 series support  the advanced graphical  features of DirectX 11, and deliver  spectacular video clarity, speed and visual effects, including over multiple monitors. They support  the  latest  features  demanded  by  DirectX  11,  including  DirectCompute  11  instructions, hardware Tessellation and multi-threaded communications with  the system CPU. These combine to provide new capabilities for the interaction between transparent objects, new lighting and accelerated post processing effects. 

Video processing

SAPPHIRE HD  5830  has  the  latest  on  board  hardware UVD  (Unified Video  decoder)  considerably reducing CPU load and delivering smooth decoding of Blu-ray™ and HD DVD content for both VC-1 and  H.264  codecs,  as  well  as Mpeg  files.  In  this  series  the  UVD  has  been  enhanced  to  be  able simultaneously  to decode  two 1080p HD video streams and  to be able  to display HD video  in high quality with Windows Aero mode enabled. HDMI capability has also been upgraded to HDMI 1.3a with Dolby  TrueHD  and  DTS-HD  Master  Audio  support.  They  also  support  ATI  Stream,  accelerating applications such as Video transcoding by processing on the GPU Stream Processors rather than the system CPU.

The SAPPHIRE HD 5800  series  is  supported by AMD's DirectX 11 WHQL  certified graphics driver which  delivers  support  for  all  of  the  key  DirectX  11  level  features  required  for  new  gaming experiences  and  acceleration  of  next  generation  high  performance  applications  as  well  as  ATI Eyefinity and ATI Stream technology. 



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