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Introducing the New Adaptec by PMC Series 7 Adapters

November 02, 2012

Adaptec, controller

Introducing the New Adaptec by PMC Series 7 Adapters

Adaptec by PMC is pleased to announce seven new adapters to the Adaptec family.


Pre-order is required


With the new Series 7 adapters, Adaptec by PMC brings to market a number of breakthroughs for the most performance-intensive applications and dense server environments: 

  • The industry's only PCIe Gen3 low-profile/MD2 form-factor adapter with 16 native ports
  • The industry's only PCIe Gen3 adapters with 24 native ports
  • The industry's only solution to offer 450K IOPS and 6.6GB/s throughput
  • The industry's only solution to reduce system cost without compromising performance
  • The industry's only solution to take full advantage of PCI Gen3 bandwidth

The complete Series 7 family is available in 8, 16 and 24 native port configurations, with new High Density Mini SAS connectors and cables, the Series 7 family includes third-generation of maxCache SSD read and write caching, third-generation Zero Maintenance Cache Protection, and Adaptec maxView Storage Manager which makes it simple to monitor and configure Series 7 RAID adapters.

maxCache Benefits

  • Optimizes application performance by utilizing SSD performance and HDD capacity
  • Extends performance benefits to more application workload with the new write caching feature
  • Provides increased performance improvements with the read-caching mode
  • Flexibility to use with major SSD brands
  • Compatibility tested and validated with enterprise SSD vendors
  • Find out more about maxCache 3.0

Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection Adaptec Flash Module 700

  • The Adaptec Series 7Q adapters with maxCache ship complete with the Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection portion feature and includes a preinstalled Adaptec Flash Module (AFM-700).
  • The Adaptec Series 7 adapters can be combined with AFM-700, sold separately, to enable instant battery-free protection of the data within the cache.
  • Find out more about third-generation Zero Maintenance Cache Protection Kit Adaptec Flash Module (AFM-700)

High Density Mini SAS Cables

  • Series 7/7Q Adapters allow for greater flexibility in configuration options by supporting up to 16 native SAS/SATA ports in a Low-Profile MD2 form factor and up to 24 SAS/SATA ports in a full-height half-length form factor.
  • The new connectors can be combined with a wide range of Adaptec SAS HD cables, including straight connectors or Adaptec's first to market right angle connectors.

Adaptec maxView Storage Manager

Adaptec maxView Storage Manager provides the powerful features of Adaptec Storage Manager™ in an HTML5 web interface that can be viewed in standard desktop or mobile browsers without the need for separate software installation.


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