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KINGMAX Offers New Mars DDR2 Memory Modules

March 12, 2007

KINGMAX Offers New Mars DDR2 Memory Modules

Known for their overclocking performance, Kingmax memory products have quietly transitioned into the DDR2 era.

KINGMAX Offers New Mars DDR2 Memory Modules

Known for their overclocking performance, Kingmax memory products have quietly transitioned into the DDR2 era. Since the days of PC-100/133, Kingmax was the world's first to launch proprietary TinyBGA-packaged PC-150 memory modules and the only brand to offer lifetime warranty for its products, quickly making it one of the top three memory brands in Taiwan.

Kingmax DDR2 Mars 1066Today, as DDR2 is now the reigning standard, all memory products are completely BGA packaged – a technology Kingmax has been building up for the past eight years. Kingmax has also invested US$10 million to purchase the T5593 testing system, once again underscoring Kingmax's DDR2 strengths. Without any entry barriers, Kingmax has successfully and smoothly launched three JEDEC memory modules, i.e. DDR2-533, -667 and -800. All three memory modules have been introduced in quick succession due to tight scheduling for new products using DDR2 modules.

Expecting a less-than-massive demand – compared to the DDR era – in the overclocking market, we have adopted a steadfast business approach, supplying consumers with memory products of the best quality. 100% compatibility and performance make them the best choice for your personal and notebook computer.

A brief glance at trends in product development shows that Northbridge chipsets, including Intel 945/955 and 965/975 and NVIDIA nForce 680i/650i, can all directly support 1066MHz; and Intel has also launched a stream of CPUs, including dual-core X6800, E6700 and E6600 and quad-core QX6700 and QX6600, enabling 1066MHz FSB support. In fact, the latest CPUs, codenamed E6850, E6750 and E6650, already have FSB supporting 1333MHz. In the foreseeable future, DDR2 memory modules will be starting off at the frequency of 1066MHz. For overclockers pursuing extreme performance, this is undoubtedly an exciting piece of news.

Given the outlook, Kingmax is ready with DDR2-1066 512MB/1GB Mars series memory modules to leverage these computing advances. Utilizing Nanya chips, which are inherently high quality and comparable with Micron D9 chips, and backed with eight years of experience in BGA packaging, each of Kingmax DDR2-1066 512MB/1GB Mars series memory modules is shipped at close to 10% overclocking headroom, meeting overclockers' extreme speed demands.

Kingmax is the world's first memory module maker with its own advanced packaging and testing equipment, completing a vertically integrated supply chain. Every step after purchase – from chip cutting, testing, packaging to finished product testing – is independently completed at Kingmax's own packaging plant. Seven years earlier, Kingmax developed the BGA packaging technology and successfully applied it en masse in SDRAM and DDR products. In fact, its TinyBGA packaging technology – a proprietary patented technology in the memory field, is highly acclaimed in the industry. Kingmax is thus fully prepared to face up to the demanding challenge of BGA packaging, whether in terms of technical readiness, upgraded facilities or personnel training.

Kingmax consistently focuses on developing lead-free manufacturing processes. Not only does it use lead-free IC chips in its high-quality DDRII eco-friendly lead-free memory modules but has also adjusted parameters, such as temperature, and welding material used in PCB and SMT production line. In addition, Kingmax lead-free memory modules have passed high-temperature reliability testing, completely meeting RoHS standards, and meet environmental requirements in the United States, Japan and China while ensuring product performance. For Kingmax, a lead-free manufacturing capability adds strength to the development of its competitiveness in the future.

KINGMAX Mars DDR2-1066 Long-DIMM memory product features:
- 240-pin DDR2 1066MHz
- CAS Latency: 5-5-5-15
- Memory bandwidth: 8.5GB/sec (dual-channel 17GB/sec)
- Voltage: 1.8V, saving approximately 50% power, consumption: excellent heat dispersion
- Capacity: 512MB/1GB
- Worldwide free lifetime warranty

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