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The New Radeon RX 400 Series: What Specialists Say?

October 17, 2016

AMD, graphics card

The New Radeon RX 400 Series: What Specialists Say?

Press reviews that the new Radeon RX 400 Series got over the past months since its launch

Radeon RX 400 Series


Radeon RX 400 Series



Radeon RX 470, and more specifically Sapphire Nitro+ RX 470 8 GB
Quote: “The Nitro+ RX 470 OC 8GB card was extremely well liked by our testing team for its high level of performance and low level of noise during operation. Quite robust and skillfully manufactured, with fans that are easily dismantled for cleaning, which extends the lifetime of the card. This  RX 470 8 GB will definitely remain as one of the most pleasant graphics cards to test and to work with, that we ever came upon.”

PC World BG (print):  

Battle for Full HD graphics heats up - Radeon RX 470
Quote: “At last AMD launched a true competitor [Radeon RX 460] to  GeForce GTX 950. The higher price (with just  $10) of the  4GB version is fully justified, as you get the extra of a 6-pin power supply connector, helping you to squeeze out the maximum potential of the card via overclock. This card combined with a FreeSync monitor is a terrific offer... The [price] positioning of Radeon RX 470 is a bit confusing... Instead of trying to steal a share of the RX 480 and GTX 1060 sales, it could be a true killer in the segment up to $180....I sincerely believe AMD will reconsider their pricing policy of Radeon RX 470, as this card has the potential to become a market hit.”

Radeon RX 470 and RX 460: New AMD Polaris additions, now in action
Quote: “The difference between the models Radeon RX 470 and RX 480 with 4 GB VRAM is only $ 20, however (10%) is not so much to favor the little brother.”  


Asus Radeon RX 460
Quote: "RX 460 cards as we have seen have a very solid performance... Crossfire scaling is generally excellent...."

Sapphire Radeon RX 460 Quote: "Compared to other cards, we can see how RX460 performance is on par with R7 370 OC models, and tad slower than GTX950 OC models. And it's actually great, because for the price it will be sold much cheaper than both listed"

Sapphire Radeon RX 470
Quote: "As we have seen from the test RX 470 is a very capable card, which will make today's demanding titles run at about 60 frames per second in full detail. It's faster than the R9 380X and certainly much faster than the R9 380 whose it replacing. For a suggested price of $ 149 (excluding taxes), could certainly become a best buy for FHD gaming, and as we have seen has enough power for VR. All new technologies that it shares with the RX 480 means it's a good investment for the future. Everyone with, for example R9 270 cards will be delighted with the leap in performance"

Asus Radeon RX 470
 "Performance of this card are excellent, and generally few percent more than in the comparative Sapphire ovog RX470 OC model. This is because a lot better cooler manages to keep lower temperature by as much as 16 ° C while the GPU "Throttle" less. But the GPU for both cards but rather "strung" and is overclocking potential weak. The former 10-odd% increase in performance in these class of cards now we have fallen to only 2%. You do not need to discourage buyers because they already getting out of the box fast product that is ideal for 1080p game, and this latest title in full detail."

Sapphire Radeon RX 470
Quote: "As far as general performance goes, we see that RX470 is suitable for playing at 1440p with slight compromises for a smooth gameplay, and it has long been proven as ideal for 1080p gaming."

MSI Radeon RX 470
Quote: "With a price tag of around 2,050 kuna on the domestic market, this is by no means the cheapest RX 470 with 8 GB of memory, but it's of top quality, it is fast and quiet. We have seen how it is faster than the ASUS Strix and of Sapphire OC rival (though both have 4GB of memory), and that is quite capable of spinning games in 1440p resolution."

Radeon RX 480
Quote: "New power from mainstream segment is in front of us. Successor to R9 380X model, Radeon RX 480 brings much better performance and jumps from 1080p market segment to higher one that enables gaming at 1440p"

Sapphire Radeon RX 480
Quote: "This Nitro+ RX480 4GB brings excellent 1440p gameplay and performance that are not lagging too far behind GTX1060 and all this at a lower price. In Croatia, it did not find the price, ut in Germany costs 250 €, which is more than competitive price for a solid 1440p gaming. Given that prices of GTX1060 6GB cards are much higher, RX480 4 GB is certainly the best buy in this class"

MSI Radeon RX 480
Quote: "We are pleased with overclocking potential, which resulted in an increase of performance around 6%, and finally we see RX480 card that achieves its full potential. Priced of around 2,500 kuna isn't lowest price on the market, but it is quite acceptable if we know that this is the card with which you can seamlessly play in 1440p resolution." (printed):  

Radeon RX 480
Quote: "In context of 199 USD and 229 USD price-tag, Radeon RX 480 totally smashes competition and older AMD graphic cards"

BUG Magazine (printed):

Radeon RX 400 Series
Quote: "In shortest possible way: Radeons RX 460, RX 470 and RX 480 are superb cards"  


Radeon RX 470
Quote: The overall performance, are in any case sufficient to be able to run in almost full quality enjoyed Full HD gaming, and that's exactly for what this card is recommended."

Radeon RX 480
Quote: "The progress can’t be stopped. Slowly, but surely game development of DirectX 11 titles will be substituted for low level API development, especially for DirectX 12. As this process occurs things fill shift more and more towards RX 480 strong points."

Radeon RX 460
Quote: "By averaging the results achieved with RX460 we can see it is close to the level of R7 370"

Radeon RX 470
Quote: "With a little bit of luck and knowledge it is possible to bring RX 470 up to the performance level of RX 480 reference card"

Radeon RX 480
Quote: "We find that in resolution 1920x1080 performances are almost within measurement error of GTX 970, and that with upping resolution RX 480 goes beyond and settles between GTX 970 and GTX 980."

PCWorld (printed):

Radeon RX 470, Print edition
Quote: "The games run without any stuttering or lag at Full HD resolution, with the maximum quality settings, moreover, in the most cases the RX 470 can achieve 60 fps as well."

Radeon RX 480, Print edition
Quote: "In gaming this card achieves stable FHD @ 60 fps, in addition to reassuring recommended as WQHD from the card maximum detail."  



Quote: “MSI Radeon RX 8G X 470 Gaming is a strong video card and more than that, it is so closed to the RX 480 8GB on performance level.”

Quote: “GIGABYTE Radeon RX 480 G1 Gaming 8G gets very close to MSI implementation in terms of performance, given that consumption is lower, and the noise level slightly higher. Perhaps the price for the GBT version will be lower than the one for Gaming X version, in which case the AMD fans are getting an extra option, one worth taking into account.”

Quote: “XFX Radeon RX 480 GTR 8GB exemplifies perfectly what I said in the introduction to this article. Performance differences between implementations are negligible, and each buyer will choose according to their favorite brand, its specific features and services provided post-acquisition. In this case, we are dealing with the coldest implementation RX 480 we tested so far, equipped with new technology for fan cooling.”

Quote: “The MSI implementation has managed to get in trouble the two models of GTX 1060 we tested in some situations, which is admirable considering that MSI Radeon RX 480 Gaming X 8G costs ~ 1320 RON, and MSI GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming X costs ~650 RON.”

Gigabyte RADEON RX 460 Windforce 2OC
Quote: “AMD offers a more efficient alternative for 360, GTX 750 Ti and 370, and brought up to date in terms of graphics technologies, bringing a breath of fresh air in an area ignored by the competition in the past years. GIGABYTE’s  version we tested should cost aprox. 539 RON, but we will definitely find more expensive models in stores.”–

Quote: “We can say that we do not have a real competitor to give RX470 any headaches, 380X is 10-15% weaker for a similar price, while the GTX 960 offers significantly less performance. In this situation, two things are quite clear. First, the launch of the RX 470 is a successful launch, AMD strengthening its position in this ​​price segment, and second, there is an increasing lack of competitor choice from Nvidia in this segment, a GTX1050 maybe?”


Radeon RX 470 review
Quote: “The performance difference between the RX 480 and 470 is quite small and RX 470 overclocked catches up with the RX 480 to a default frequency which is OK. But again, the price is an issue.”

Asus ROG Strix Radeon RX 480 review
Quote: “From the simplified charts you can tell that the Strix 480 is ​​very close to the GTX 980. This is because there are few benchmarks that run better on AMD GPUs. Besides, the RX 480 benefits on high resolution from the extra 4GB of memory.”


ASUS ROG GTX 1060 Strix versus Radeon RX 480 Strix
Quote: “For the AMD board, the performance has been consistently above the reference model offering one or two frames per second more in all tests… Both models deliver a premium experience.

Sapphire Radeon RX 470 – the younger brother kicks in
Quote: “Official price including VAT is 860LEI even if available models are still at higher prices. Overall the board is an excellent one.”

Sapphire Radeon RX 460 Nitro OC 4GB
Quote: “Overall the board is an excellent one that will definitely be welcomed in Romanian market, and will most likely replace both 750T and GTX950 GTX, which dominates this segment.”          

MSI Radeon X RX 470 GAMING 4G is pretty colorful, but fast, quiet
Quote: “MSI Radeon X GAMING 4G RX 470 is a video card more successful than expected, which may pose a serious challenge to the Radeon RX 480.”

Radeon RX 480 - ASUS ROG STRIX with higher clocks and LED RGB Aura illumination
Quote: “Overall, I tend to believe that the price of about 1,500 Lei for ASUS ROG STRIX-O8G-GAMING-RX480 is correctly set to what the product offers. The threat, however, comes from GeForce GTX 1060 wearing the same ROG STRIX clothes, for a price at about 10% higher, ASUS ROG STRIX-GTX1060-O6G-GAMING is about 15% faster, 15% quieter, 10% cooler and consumes 15% less power. Placed in this context, ASUS ROG STRIX-O8G-GAMING-RX480 is not a bad solution, only a purchase price of 1,400 Lei would be more attractive.”

Cool and quiet, ASUS ROG STRIX-RX470-O4G-GAMING 
Quote: “ASUS ROG STRIX-O4G-GAMING-RX470 is a video card with a noise level in idle down to zero, cool and quiet in gaming, capable of delivering decent performance and reduced energy consumption. And that should be often enough for a gamer, especially given the attractive price of approx. 1050 Lei.”

Radeon RX 480 – decency on every direction
Quote: “Polaris 10 is undoubtedly a successful chip. Radeon RX 480 offers similar performance to a standard Radeon R9 390 and is slightly faster than a GTX 970, while having a lower purchase price. The new AMD Radeon RX 480 is presented as a successful mix of performance, power consumption, noise levels and price, and AIBs versions are very promising. Overall, we strongly recommend the RX480 for those interested in a graphics solution in this price segment, despite the recent rumors on the energy consumption of PCI-Express slot.”


Quote: “Asus mad e a nice implementation of RX 460 GPU in its Strix OC Edition card. My test shows that Full HD games are not a problem for this VGA, especially the DX12 ones. The price is decent, so we have an excellent solution for budget gaming.

Quote: “Asus RX 470 Strix OC is a very good board for 2K gaming. The manufacturer filled it with interesting features like RGB logo, and with a nice cooler that keeps the GPU at decent temps. The overclocking is good, yet the memory part could be improved with voltage control in GPU Tweak. The price is also good, so if you want to buy an RX 470, Asus is a very good choice..

Quote: “AMD RX 480 is a very good GPU and Asus made an excellent card with its Strix implementation. The custom card came factory overclocked, but ti still had some room to increase the performance.

Sapphire RX 460 Nitro OC Review – 1080p All the way
Quote: “Compared to the previous series, Polaris brought a new and improved architecture that offers better performance and better energy efficiency. RX 460 Nitro OC left me a good impression. It doesn’t have the RGB features as Asus Strix or MSI Gaming, but it does the job pretty well. The cooler is good and silent, and the price is a bit over $100

Quote: “Differences depends on game titles, but the jump comparing to Radeon R7 370 is huge, very often reaching almost 80% and in newer games even 100% (DOOM/Hitman). And that’s not all! Radeon R9 380 and GeForce GTX 960 are also butchered by medium Polaris as it is able to catch even stock clocked GeForce GTX 970. So in terms of performance it is really nice.” –


ASUS Radeon RX 470 Strix review
Quote: “I think we are dealing with a true champion, a bestseller in the above budget segment and from all versions I recommend you take a look and the RX's 470 Strix from ASUS, which receives today our top award, the Platinum badge for build quality and superb proven performance.”

AMD Radeon RX 480
Quote: “AMD succeeds with the new RX480 to become very, and I insist, VERY competitive in the mainstream segment.”  


Quote: "In scenario when Asus StriX RX460 4GB adjust its recommended price-point, you'll hardly find the card that will match its performance, quality and features. All of that recommends this card as the best in its class"

Radeon RX 460
Quote: "Radeon RX 460 with 2GB brings real refreshment in the class of affordable 3D accelerators, fully justifying expectations. The optimal configuration for a class of inexpensive 3D graphics card is compatible with the low prices. Not too little, not too much, just how you should feel comfortable, without having to spend too much"

Quote: "Radeon RX470 remains the absolute ruler in the class of medium-strong gaming cards optimized to provide smooth gaming with 1080p monitors. Currently there is no better card with a combination of speed and prices offered by AMD Radeon RX470 with 4GB of memory. Simply the best choice in its price class!"

Radeon RX 480
Quote: "At the end we're left completely satisfied with quality and speed of this card. Cards with this level of performances and rich feature set never was so affordable. We can feel first benefits of adoption of new manufacturing technology that additionally fortify our hopes for upcoming generation of VR software. Until then, AMD is on the right track fulfilling mission of bringing these novelties to mass market, and Radeon RX 480 is the best proof of that"

Sapphire Radeon RX 460
Quote: "Compared to the previous Radeons of this class, we can clearly see the advantage in a number of texture units, increased frequency and polished architecture. Moreover, the Radeon RX 460 occasionally exchanged blows with the GeForce GTX 960 model, which is really impressive"

Sapphire Radeon RX 470
Quote: "Radeon RX 470 is an absolute hit, particularly in a terrific performance that we had in the test. Not only will the Sapphire's own cooling restrain GPU which obviously requires serious cooler, but will 8GB GDDR5 excellently serve the resolutions that are more than 1440p. In any case, the Radeon RX 470 can comfortably always recommend before Radeon RX 480, as it offers almost the same capabilities at a lower cost."
Quote: "Simply put, Radeon RX 480 and RX 470 are stunning graphics cards that have brought many joy to gaming population due to its excellent cost to performance ratio. As for the specific model is concerned, simply refer to their needs and wallet and everything will be clear as day."
Quote: “After looking back to results we must conclude that AMD Radeon RX 480 is indeed very fast card that offers phenomenal performance for reasonable price. Reference model of Radeon RX 480 leaves in dust GTX 780TI and easy handles much more expensive GTX 970 model. On top of that we mustn't forget Vulkan API that could change many things in future. Preliminary results in DOOM undoubtedly points out that with mass adaptation of Vulkan, Radeons could become even better option"

Sapphire Radeon RX 460
Quote: "When we sum up impressions after testing Sapphire Radeon RX 460 4GB Nitro model, we conclude that we have received an extraordinary successor to Radeon R7 360 Nitro models. The performance of Radeon RX 460 compared to the Radeon R7 360 are drastic. The card can be compared with R7 370 model in DirectX 11 titles, while it is much faster in DirectX 12. This means it is quicker compared to its direct competitor, a very popular GTX 750Ti model."

Radeon RX 470
Quote: "Finally we come to a very simple conclusion: Radeon RX 470 is the first real performance boost graphics processors from "mainstream" market segment, after a very long time. The showcased results and displayed performance are in favor of the argument that the Radeon RX 470 is the right choice for all those who want to upgrade their systems and prepare them for the future, and have traditionally limited budget to 250 euros. Really, if you have a 1080p monitor resolution, no real reason to spend more money on a graphics card more expensive than Radeon RX 470."

Sapphire RX 470
Quote: "The combination of Sapphire's card and AMD's GPU resulting in powerful, yet reasonably affordable graphics accelerator, which will perfectly fulfill all your requirements for the ultimate HD 1080p gaming, whether it comes to DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 and Vulkan-based games. Sapphire Radeon RX 470 Nitro + is the right option to upgrade from any card from last year or the generation, and it's reliable investment in the long run"

Radeon RX 480
Quote: "It is obvious that AMD wasn't aiming performance crown with Polaris 10 GPU, but instead advancement of performances and features of mainstream market. From that perspective, Radeon RX 480 is bulls-eye. Speedups against R9 380 is massive and performances are on the level of much more expensive class that belongs to Radeon R9 390 that is renamed R9 290. After all that is the biggest market group and it is clear that AMD plans to position itself as the prime choice here. With all that Radeon RX 480 brings there's no dilemma that AMD has all it takes to successfully follow up on that plan."

Sapphire Radeon RX 360
Quote: "For the first time in a long time we can say that one card that is presented as the cheapest market in the current generation really offers a performance in which the computer with it can be called true gaming machine. All this is due to the new Radeon RX460 and its reasonable price, which now completely displaces the current best choice in this class - GeForce 750T, a card that is already two generations old. 750Ti is listed as the minimum for most graphics-intensive games that are currently out, so that it is clear that since the RX460 achieves better performance will certainly be able to at least run all the newer games in a decent frame rate (although not in high detail) in foreseeable future."

Sapphire RX 470
Quote: "All of this means that Radeon RX 470 is completely adequate graphics card for gaming at 1920x1080 resolution"

Radeon RX 480
Quote: "So, when we take look at FullHD (1080p) resolution that's being used among 95% of gamers, we conclude that this card completely fulfills all demands with performance to spare for upcoming titles in years to come. In general we can say that performances are comparable to GTX 970"  

Radeon RX 470
Quote: "For everyone with older graphics subsystems, the RX 470 can be a real upgrade." (YouTube clip)

Radeon RX 480
Quote: "When it comes down to our reference model in this review, it comes with 8GB of memory that is great future-proof feature. Compared to 4GB models, 8GB has higher frequency of memory chips. We finally have notable performance jump in mainstream segment and we're eager to try what will AMD partner's bring out with custom design. For everything showcased, AMD's reference RX 480 8GB deserves our PCAXE Gold award!"

PC Press (printed):

Sapphire Radeon RX 470
Quote: Sapphire has overclocked RX470 literally to reference RX480 frequency level and used 8 GB GDDR5 memory chips. Result is minimal performance difference, although RX470 chip has 2,048 stream processors in relationship to 2,304 inside RX480. On top of that, Sapphire has installed excellent system cooling that’s better than reference AMD RX480 design. Result is less noise and lower temperatures under load.”

Sapphire Radeon RX 480
Quote: "GTX1060 model competes against AMD Radeon RX480 or accelerated RX470 such as Sapphire Nitro. Performance is either the same or GTX1060 is slightly faster, but due to the difference in price, Radeon RX480 certainly has something to offer. Oculus Rift testing has shown that the RX480 some situations handles better, so it is good "entry-level" VR solution. If you do not plan VR adventure and want just a standard gaming at 1440p resolution, then the RX470 is optimal option."

Svet Kompjutera (printed):  

Radeon RX 480:
Quote: "Displayed results position RX 480 between GTX 970 and GTX 980. In games that use DirectX 11, Radeon is closer to weaker rival, while in (still rare) DirectX 12 titles catch up and goes beyond stronger contender. Truth to be told these are previous generation models, but they're still available and are priced just like two years ago and are much more expensive compared to RX 480."

Svet Kompjutera (printed)
Quote: "Why did we compared two cards that do not belong in the same class? Because we want to compare the price and performance. Radeon is almost 100 euros cheaper than the GTX 1060. Anyone who does not insist on the three-digit number of frames per second, will have its “cake and eat it” in 1080p gaming, for considerably less money."


PCS TV (YouTube kanal)          
PCS TV (YouTube kanal)

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