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Barracuda™ Green Now Launched

November 25, 2010

Seagate, HDD, desktop

Barracuda™ Green Now Launched

Use the performance benefits of Barracuda Green to your advantage.


 Barracuda Green Desktop Hard Drives


Use the performance benefits of Barracuda Green to your advantage

High performance, 1.5/2TB capacities, low power consumption

Big news for system builders; Barracuda Green now replaces Barracuda LP. This new generation, 3.5" desktop storage product spins slower; using less power and running cooler and quieter. And that's not Barracuda’s only green credential. In line with Seagate's ongoing ecological awareness, the Barracuda Green is recyclable and incorporates recycled materials.

Barracuda Green is launched in a choice of 1.5TB or 2TB capacities – who said green couldn't go large? - and also features Seagate's SmartAlign™ technology (see below).

Optimum spin speed

Seagate's engineers chose a 5,900RPM spin speed for very specific reasons. Evaluated against competitors with 5,400 and 5,000RPM speeds, the comparative power saving was almost negligible, but the increase in performance was considerable. Better, even, than some 7,200RPM products.

SmartAlign™, 64MB cache and SATA 6Gb

SmartAlign Technology eliminates the problems of using 4096-byte 'Advanced Format' sector hard drives. This unique technology automatically manages Read Modify Write conditions in the background, using spare cycles, neatly side-stepping RMW-related performance penalties, which can be as high as 40%. SmartAlign removes the need for alignment utilities required by other 4096 byte drives

The Barracuda Green also has 64MB cache - the biggest available on today’s hard drives – used in conjunction with a SATA 6Gb interface the fastest interface available; giving green, low power applications like PCs and external storage truly convincing performance.

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