Autonomous Car Parking Cleaning Solution

Revolutionize parking cleaning with advanced robotic solution. Vastly improve business image by delegating labour-intensive work to robots for perfect cleaning consistency.

Autonomous Car Parking Cleaning Solution

Parking Lot cleaning challenges

  • Heavy traffic
  • Oil stains
  • Inconsistent cleaning effect
  • Large cleaning area
  • High labour costs

Solution composition

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Gausium Scrubber 75P

Autonomous cleaning robot is the ideal solution for large parking lots. With a productivity of up to 2000 sqm per hour, it is capable of scrubbing, sweeping, dust mopping, and degreasing.

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Workstation WS-02

The optional workstation empowers the cleaning robot to operate independently. Automatically recharge battery, dispose waste and refill water tank to save additional time and resources

Solution Benefits

Efficiency and Quality

Robots work tirelessly and consistently to deliver flawless results. Improve parking lot appearance with robotic efficient operation 24/7, day or night.

Increased Safety

Solution operates safely in parking lots, providing a risk-free environment. People and vehicles are detected and avoided in real time using LIDAR and millimeter-wave radars.

Water saving

Up to 95% reduction in freshwater consumption is achieved by using a 5-level filtration system. Recirculate and reuse water to increase uptime and energy savings.

Cost Effective

Robotic cleaning solution offers autonomous operation and significantly lowering human workload. The cleaning personnel spends no more than 20% of their time providing guidance and maintenance. There is no need to pay workers extra for night shift as the robotic solution can handle cleaning tasks. ROI is 25 months.

Cleaning solution features

360° vehicle perception

Best-in-class sensing accurately detect motion in real time and quickly recognize car movement. Pathfinding algorithms reroute or pull over the machine to ensure safe operation around automobiles.

Grease decontamination

The solution features a powerful oil cleaning mode. Specifically designed to effectively remove stubborn oil stains commonly found on parking lot floors.

Heavy-duty deck

Designed for challenging cleaning, the solution features a 270° rotational brush with a force of 45kg. Ideal for scrubbing, sweeping, removing oil and debris from parking lot floors.

Remote Access

Optimize and control cleaning process with ease by creating a cleaning schedule using a user-friendly mobile application. Monitor and review robots' performance remotely with any mobile device.

Scrubber 75 for parking lot

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