Autonomous Warehouse Cleaning Solution

Revolutionize warehouse cleaning with advanced robotic solution. Eliminate labour-intensive cleaning and improve consistency and efficiency for perfect results. Leave the floor maintenance task to the autonomous robots and forget about missing or inaccurate reports.

Autonomous Warehouse Cleaning Solution

Warehouse manual cleaning challenges

  • Constant floor maintenance
  • Safety regulations in heavy machinery area
  • Focus on 5S lean warehousing
  • High employee turnover and absence rates
  • Large cleaning area

Solution composition

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Gausium Scrubber 75P

The all-in-one autonomous cleaning robot provides a comprehensive solution that includes scrubbing, sweeping, dusting, and degreasing. Its highly efficient system can clean up to 2000 sqm per hour, making it ideal for heavy-duty cleaning of large areas in industrial settings.

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Workstation WS-02

The workstation empowers the cleaning robot to operate independently, automatically recharging its batteries, disposing of waste, and refilling its water tank. With this innovative technology, the cleaning process is streamlined, saving time and resources, and enabling your team to focus on more valuable tasks.

Autonomous robotic cleaning

Solution Benefits

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Efficiency and Quality

Liberate staff from the time-consuming task of floor cleaning and improve cleaning outcomes. The solution operates tirelessly and consistently to produce optimal results, maximizing your warehouse's productivity and profitability.

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Increased Safety

Solution is equipped with 3D and 2D LiDAR, millimeter-wave radars and a collision sensors. With human and machine movement detection, the robot safely operates in the warehouse environment, ensuring a risk-free environment.

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Remote Control

Cleaning reports, productivity metrics, and operation timing can all be reviewed through user-friendly mobile and web platforms, allowing efficient and effective remote monitoring and control.

Financial benefit

  • Solution provides autonomous cleaning service and savings for the business. The graph presents a comparison between two financial options, based on a 7-day, 2-shift cleaning schedule.
  • Lease option is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized companies as it begins saving costs immediately after implementation.
  • One-time investment provides greater savings in the long term, but requires an upfront investment.

Robotic cleaning features

Remote fleet management

Solution can be monitored and managed remotely through a cloud web service and a mobile application, providing real-time insights into cleaning operations and productivity metrics. This enables you to track and manage cleaning robots from any location.

270° Rotating scrub tool

Introducing a heavy-duty front tool designed for warehouse cleaning, with a high brush pressure of 45kg and the ability to rotate for accessing tight corners. The solution is perfect for scrubbing, dusting, and removing oil and debris from warehouse floors.

Water saving

Up to 95% reduction in freshwater consumption is achieved by using a 5-level filtration system that recirculates and reuses water. This increased robot uptime and energy savings with a major decrease in environmental impact.

Grease decontamination

Autonomous floor scrubber is designed to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges in warehouse environments. In addition to its standard cleaning mode, it also features a powerful oil cleaning mode that is specifically designed to effectively remove stubborn oil stains commonly found on warehouse floors.

Optimized warehouse perception

Best-in-class sensing allows the robot to accurately detect environmental changes in real time and quickly recognize logistics operations. Pathfinding algorithms reroute or pull over the robot to ensure safe operation around freight handling equipment.

Robotic cleaning areas at warehouse





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