Autonomous cleaning solution for retail stores

Enhance the visual appeal of your retail store with an intelligent cleaning solution. Get consistent and verified cleanliness with low cost.

Autonomous cleaning solution for retail stores

Retail cleaning solution

Cleaning Solution composition

  • Autonomous cleaning solution is a combination of advanced cleaning robot and charging station. All-in-one robotic cleaner equipped with a range of features including sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing, and mopping. This ensures that one device covers cleaning needs.
  • Optional charging station supports autonomous operation through battery charging. This reduces the need for human intervention and ensures a consistent and efficient cleaning process, allowing your staff to focus on running your business.

Solution Benefits

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Improve visual store perception

With 62cm turn-around width and 4 built-in cleaning features robotic solution performs accurate and thorough floor maintenance to improve store image.

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Autonomous cleaning

Solution proceeds cleaning tasks autonomously with a productivity of up to 400 m²/h. It follows a pre-set schedule and covers designated areas, returning to the workstation for battery charging as needed.

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Measurable result

Evaluate comprehensive productivity metrics, area-level coverage maps, and detailed reports for each cleaning task through the use of an intelligent mobile application.

Financial benefit

  • Robotic store cleaning solution leads to substantial cost savings. The solution works autonomously, requiring less than 20% of the cleaning personal time for solution guidance. This translates into significant cost savings, whether you decide to buy or lease the robotic cleaning system for a retail store.
  • Opting for a one-time investment provides the most financially advantageous decision in the long term. The return on investment is projected to be attained within 18 months.
  • Leasing offers a quick financial benefit with a minimal initial investment. This choice starts to save on the floor cleaning budget immediately after deployment.

Cleaning solution features

Varied floor cleaning types

Versatile robotic cleaner has 4 floor cleaning features —vacuuming, scrubbing, sweeping and dust mopping. It can operate on most hard floorings and low pile carpets.

Floor type recognition

Robotic solution recognizes floor types and adjust cleaning modes to fit different flooring materials.

Smart Obstacle Avoidance

Recognizes obstacle types and makes advanced behavior decisions according to the types and features of obstacles.

Zero-distance Edge Cleaning

Solution is able to clean along the edges at zero distance, leaving the edges spot-free.

Spot Cleaning

Scan the environment and perform spot cleaning autonomously where waste is detected. Solution transmits message when encountering waste beyond robot capabilities.

Application scenarios

Electronics Store

Clothing store

Home furnishings and decor

Cosmetics store

Kids & baby products store

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