Versatile cleaning solution for offices

Transform the aesthetic and hygiene of your workplace with an all-in-one cleaning solution. Enjoy advanced robotic technology at your office with an affordable price point

Versatile cleaning solution for offices

Office cleaning challenges

  • Business image and cleanliness awareness
  • Finding a suitable time to clean
  • Inconsistent cleaning
  • Personal turnover
  • Cleaning report & monitoring

Office cleaning robot

Cleaning solution composition

Cleaning robot and charging station

  • An autonomous cleaning solution is a combination of a self-performing robot and a charging station. This all-in-one solution is perfectly equipped to sweep, vacuum, scrub, and mop.
  • The optional charging station enables the robot to return autonomously. By increasing the uptime, it frees your staff to concentrate on vertical cleaning duties.

Solution benefits

  • Robotic cleaning solutions lead to substantial cost savings. The solution operates autonomously, requiring less than 20% of the cleaning personal time for cleaning assistance.
  • One-time investment can yield significant savings in the long term. The return on your investment can be achieved within 18 months.
  • Leasing provides an immediate financial benefit with a minimal upfront investment. It allows for immediate savings after deployment.

Autonomous Cleaning

Solution proceeds cleaning tasks autonomously while covering up to 4500 m² daily. It follows a pre-set schedule and cleans designated areas, returning to the dock to recharge.

Measurable Reports

Intelligent mobile application assesses all cleaning tasks. App provides productivity metrics, coverage maps at the area level, and detailed reports for each cleaning task.


Robots handle flawlessly floor maintenance daily. Workers devote their time to more detailed and intricate cleaning duties that require human dexterity.

Elevate Office Appearance

With a 62cm turn-around width and 4 built-in cleaning features, robotic solution performs thorough floor maintenance. Compact size solution easy maneuvering under office desks.

Cleaning solution features

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Multi-floor Cleaning

Switch between four modes, including vacuuming, scrubbing, sweeping and dust mopping. The versatile solution covers all office floors with perfect results.

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Smart Obstacle Avoidance

Advanced sensing technology features LIDARs, cameras, as well as anti-drop and anti-collision sensors.

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Thorough Edge Cleaning

Equipped with precise sensors and a side brush, the solution operates with exceptional accuracy while cleaning along the walls. As a result, all edges are flawless.

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Automatic Waste Detection

Solution is programmed to detect and remove debris while patrolling. When encountering large waste, it will request human assistance on mobile application.

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Automatic Floor Type Detection

Solution recognizes different floor types and adjusts cleaning mode accordingly. It lifts hard floor tools when carpet is detected and turns on vacuum autonomously.

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Optional Multi-floor Coverage

The solution connects with elevator systems through API protocols. The option ensures that every level of your office is spotless.

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