Apple Enterprise Management

A scalable and automated solution - designed specifically for Apple

It is the best method to connect, manage and protect an entire Apple fleet.

Zero touch deployment in 3 steps:

  • Open Box
  • Power ON MacBook and connect to Internet
  • There is no step 3!

Apple Enterprise Management is indispensable for remote and hybrid work formats

Whether you have ten Apple devices or ten thousand, it’s easy to deploy and manage them with Apple Business Manager. It works seamlessly with Mobile Device Management solutions, so you can set up Mac, iPad and iPhone “over air” – without any need for manual configuration. Apple Enterprise Management achieves this by automating and supporting the entire lifecycle of Apple in the enterprise:

Zero-touch device deployment. Device and app management

Account creadion, authentication and identity management

Security planning, detection, reporting and remediation


Apple Enterprise Management fills the gap between what Apple offers and the enterprise requires, and provides IT with an unmatched and complete toolset to fully empower users. Simply managing Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV is no longer enough for modern enterprises, and leaves IT, Information Security and other critical teams lacking tools to:

  • Securely connect users to resources they need to be productive and self-sufficient
  • Automate every aspect of device and application management
  • Adequately protect devices, data and user privacy

How does Apple Enterprise Management work?

Zero-touch deployment

Specially developed applications pre-installed on the MultiBoard for the most effective work. For annotation, online meetings, screen mirroring, visual collaboration, etc.

Identity-based access

Provision devices with business-critical applications needed to be productive based solely on an employee’s cloud- identity credentials. Users will enjoy a seamless experience when accessing their device and applications with a single password that is synchronized down to the local-account level, even when the password is changed, keeping employees on task. With multi-factor authentication enabled for every login, rest easy knowing that only the right person is accessing the machine and resources.

Curated resources on demand

Add bookmarks, policies, workflows like cleanup scripts and even VPN configurations to a branded Self Service app portal to give employees instant access to resources they need. Employees can troubleshoot common issues in one click, drastically reducing help desk tickets for IT.

Device management

Through remote management and the use of configuration profiles, policies, smart targeting and scripts, you can leverage advanced workflows to automate Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV management.

Inventory management

Automatically collect user, hardware, software, and security device data or customize inventory specifications so you always have a bird’s-eye view of your devices. Leverage rich inventory data and patented Smart Groups to automatically trigger actions like operating system upgrades.

Streamlined app management

License, deploy and manage apps in bulk right from the App Store or B2B App Store. Assign apps to users or devices (no Apple ID required) and re-assign licenses as needs change. Build custom app and software packages and automatically keep popular third- party software titles up to date.

Threat prevention and remediation

To ensure privacy and speed, real-time alerts analyze activity on-device and proactively block, isolate or remediate threats leveraging the same tooling you use to manage the device. Prevent, detect, and remediate malware and attacks that target Apple devices, instead of impacting the end-user experience searching for Windows attacks on Apple devices.

Security management

Ensure your devices maintain a strong security posture by implementing OS hardening benchmarks for Apple devices. Apple Enterprise Management leverages native Apple security features such as enforcing encryption on macOS and passcodes on iOS, runs policies to enforce FileVault encryption on macOS, restricts malicious software and patches all of your Apple devices without any user interaction. Apple Enterprise Management also ensures that any devices that stray from these benchmarks are quickly identified and brought back in compliance.

Security and compliance visibility

With dashboards, real-time alerts, as well as extensive reporting on file, process, malicious activity on macOS devices and built-in tool activity from macOS security frameworks like XProtect, Gatekeeper and MRT, you have the data at your fingertips to identify and investigate any security incidents. To complement this low-level security data, Apple Enterprise Management gives you full insights into device logs for higher-level security data and compliance insights.