Certified server solutions to build your hybrid cloud strategy with Azure Stack HCI

Many businesses today continue to make investments in their local infrastructures and host selected applications on premises, even as cloud-based alternatives are growing in popularity. Whether for reasons of security, compliance, or simple practicality, local hosting is sometimes seen as the best choice for workloads such as edge applications, remote desktop virtualization, databases and database engines, and storage. For these locally hosted services and applications, customers have especially been turning to hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) as a means to reduce costs, raise performance, and improve availability.

Use cases

Azure Stack HCI transforms your datacenter by enabling you to virtualize and consolidate aging physical servers onto a modern, more secure platform. In the digital-transformation journey, it helps to simplify datacenter operations by using tools that unify management of compute, storage, clustering, and networking and provide a single point for technical support. Through Microsoft tooling and support, Azure Stack HCI realizes this unified, single-vendor vision.

Azure Stack HCI keeps size requirements and per-location costs low by providing an option for HCI in just two nodes and through direct, back-to-back networking, avoids the space and expense of a high-speed switch. Space requirements and costs are minimized because no external storage is needed in the solution. And because customers often have many branches or remote locations, these cost savings at each site can be significant.

Azure Stack HCI offers a high performing, scalable, and manageable implementation for Microsoft SQL Server. When used to host SQL Server, Azure Stack HCI offers the benefit of a single vendor for its hypervisor, host operating system, and database server. This advantage allows the underlying code to be optimized for performance, and ensures a single party is responsible for resolving issues when they appear.

Find an HCI solution that not only is well-suited to their specific hosting needs, but that also provides a simple, optional on-ramp to cloud services — all while offering excellent performance at an affordable price

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