Storage for Big Data and Analytics Challenges

Big Data and analytics workloads represent a new frontier for organizations. Data is being collected from sources that did not exist 10 years ago. Mobile phone data, machine-generated data, and web site interaction data are all being collected and analyzed. In addition, as IT budgets are already being pressured down, Big Data footprints are getting larger and posing a huge storage challenge.


Capacity and performance to be scaled independently and can be continuously improved over time

  • Unmatched Data Management Experience
  • Faster Time to Insights
  • Easily Scales to Meet Future Demands
  • Storage That Improves over Time


The system design specifically targets real-life profiles and provides optimum performance under those conditions

  • Block Size Management Matters
  • High Density, High Availability and Reliability
  • Easy to Use, Automated Provisioning and Management
  • Very Low Total Cost of Ownership

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