SecuSUITE High Security Voice and Messaging for Windows, iOS and Android

Founded in 2007, Secusmart, a Germany-based subsidiary of BlackBerry, has grown into a renowned expert in safeguarding mobile communications against electronic eavesdropping at a government-grade level. Now, the company provides its high-security solutions from eavesdropping to mobile devices to over 20 governments worldwide.

SecuSUITE® by Securesmart offers two solutions - SecuSUITE® for Samsung Knox and SecuSUITE® - designed to meet various security needs of state organs. These solutions vary in security models, supported features, device mix, manageability, and deployment methods. Depending on the chosen SecuSUITE solution, users can securely access standard mobility features such as email, PIM, browsing, and voice calls, as well as customer-specific apps and solutions.

In addition to protecting the communication of the public sector, the SecuSUITE solutions are also designed to help enterprises and other private organisations maximise communication security and protect from any network eavesdropping attacks. This is achievable by integrating local SecuSUITE components into existing customer infrastructures and connecting them to solution-specific backend systems.

  • The software can be easily rolled out to existing fleets of iOS®, Android™ or Windows® devices, eliminating the need to carry another device. Using end-to-end encryption, the solution secures one-to-one and group voice calls, messages, file exchange, and group chats across international networks. SecuSUITE can also ensure calls from foreign networks to any home country number are protected.

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