Case Study: Petrol station network WOG optimized processes with Apple business solutions

One of the large petrol stations network WOG using iOS mobile solutions for optimization of operating expenses, increasing the speed of workflow, organization of trade and customer service.

About WOG

WOG is the first national network of petrol stations and the second largest network of filling stations in Ukraine, with 415 stations as of January 2016. WOG aims not only to fill the cars with guaranteed high-quality fuel, but also to take care of comfort and convenience for customers. The company has its own network of stores WOG Market and restaurants WOG Cafe, produces its own brand of fuel called Mustang and car service products under the brand WOG. The main goal of the company was the acceleration of operations, an increase in commodity turnover, an improvement of the customer service quality and the provision of modern services in places that are not equipped with stationary retail equipment.


Over the course of 2 years, the company has been gradually introducing a new data collection and management system, as well as modern formats for convenient and fast customer service. To automate operating processes in the station network, compact complexes were acquired, consisting of iPhone 5s, Linea Pro multi-function nozzle (QR and barcode scanner, a magnetic card reader, etc.) and Excellio fiscal mobile recorder. A specially developed software supports the target operation of the devices. Today, WOG uses data collection terminals to:

  • quickly receive and account for the goods in the warehouses and distribution centers of the network;
  • conduct inventory of goods for WOG MARKET in real time;
  • transfer planograms of the display of goods for retail workers of the WOG stores network;
  • accelerate internal electronic communication between employees and the implementation of SLA-services.

iPhone and iPad Management for Beginners

  • Mobile cash register, which contributes to making queues shorter via ordering and paying for services on the spot;
  • Mobile cashier in “Intercity” trains, where the WOG CAFE and WOG MARKET goods are sold using a bluetooth mobile banking terminal.BenefitsThe implementation of these innovative efforts of company management over a test period of more than 1 year has helped successfully achieve such strategic goals of the company;
  • Eliminating personnel errors that occurred during manual operations;
  • Increase the speed of internal and external work processes – the organization of trade and customer service;
  • Optimization of operating costs for material and technical means and workplaces;

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