Green Energy Solutions

ASBIS provides top-quality, innovative products and reliable technical support, ensuring plenty of chances for partnership and growth.

The market for solar energy and energy storage, especially for small and medium sized systems, is growing dynamically, with a forecast growth of up to 50% in the coming year. ASBIS, as a new player in the industry, is excited to follow this dynamic development, except for its part with the launch of its solar business. The company is actively looking for passionate installers to join the mission to make a real difference in the spread of sustainable energy. ASBIS Group believes in mutual growth and development and is expanding the network with new installers. ASBIS provides a range of opportunities, along with innovative, premium quality products, technical support, and genuine guarantees. ASBIS provides efficient green energy solutions and complete projects, contributing to protecting the environment and the financial well-being of customers.

Green Energy Solutions

Product portfolio

  • Solar panels

    Solar panels

  • Inverters


  • Energy storage systems

    Energy storage systems

  • Electric car chargers

    Electric car chargers

  • Support structure components

    Support structure components

  • Electrical installation materials

    Electrical installation materials

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