Open Networking Switches for Data Centers

Scale, Innovate, Profit with IP Infusion Open Networking Switches

Tired of vendor lock-in, long lead times, and complex licensing, all while infrastructure costs soar? Open networking with OcNOS is the production-ready game-changer you've been waiting for. IP Infusion’s Open Compute Network Operation System (OcNOS) can be used to build both Layer-3 and Layer-2 Data Center fabric as it provides a rich set of control plane features, providing robust quality, ensuring lower costs and at the same time providing vendors with a best-of-breed selection for hardware platforms.

ASBIS and IP Infusion DC Solution

ASBIS and IP Infusion DC Solution Includes:

  • OcNOS DC Open Networking NOS
  • White Box Switches and Routers Ranging from 1Gb to 400Gb Ports Speeds
  • Optical Transceivers
  • Centralized management system, IP Maestro
  • 24/7 Support

ASBIS offers one-stop shopping experience for IP Infusion, empowering you to:

one-stop shopping experience for IP Infusion
  • Unlock innovation: Whether you're looking for a reliable solution to continue scaling your L2/L3 network or want to unlock the innovation of EVPN-VxLAN for advanced network scale and features, OcNOS has you covered.
  • Slash costs: Break free from vendor lock-in and enjoy the cost benefits of whitebox networking, an open optical ecosystem, simple perpetual licensing, and professional support.
  • Scale effortlessly: Expand your network within days, not months, using a broader range of whitebox switches and routers.
  • Simplify operations: OcNOS simplifies network expansion beyond data centers with advanced carrier-grade routing features like SR-MPLS and MPLS with EVPN, all within the same familiar, reliable network operating system.

Imagine delivering exceptional service to your clients, rapidly adapting to their evolving needs, and seizing new market opportunities – all while optimizing costs and maximizing profitability. That’s IP Infusion OcNOS.

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