Robotic cleaning solution to take care of hotel floor maintenance

Ensure thorough floor cleaning coverage with a versatile autonomous robot. Automation of cleaning tasks reduces human workload, allowing cleaning personnel to focus on room services for an excellent guest experience.

Robotic cleaning solution to take care of hotel floor maintenance

Hotel cleaning solution

Solution composition

  • The hotel cleaning solution combines an advanced cleaning robot and a charging station. Robotic cleaner equipped with sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing, and mopping features makes sure that one device covers all floor types.
  • The charging station supports autonomous robot operation and charges batteries. This reduces the need for human intervention and allows for a consistent and efficient cleaning result in your hotel.

Solution benefits

Quick ROI

Cleaning robot provides floor cleaning services, resulting in improved hotel financial performance. Now, cleaning personnel can focus less on flooring and spend time on other tasks. The average ROI for 4000 square meters of floor cleaning area is 10 months.

Autonomous Cleaning

Cleaning solution functions autonomously with high productivity. It follows a predetermined area, schedule and performs self-charging without human support.

Quality and Consistency

The robotic solution ensures perfect floor cleaning results. It operates tirelessly to get a superb effect, even in a complex hotel environment with narrow aisles and diverse floorings.

Remote Monitoring

Users can set up automation tasks and a cleaning schedule via mobile or Web platforms. They can also review cleaning reports, productivity metrics, and operation timing.

Solution Features

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Various Floor Cleaning Types

The versatile robotic cleaner has 4 floor-cleaning features: vacuuming, scrubbing, sweeping, and dust mopping. It can operate on most hard floorings and low-pile carpets.

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Floor Type Recognition

The solution identifies flooring types, adjusts brush height to protect flooring materials, and automatically turns on the vacuuming mode when moving on a carpet.

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Smart Obstacle Avoidance

Market-leading sensors recognize obstacle types and make advanced behavior decisions according to the types and features of obstacles.

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Zero-Distance Edge Cleaning

The robotic cleaning solution is able to clean along the edges at zero distance, leaving the edges spot-free.

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Auto Spot Cleaning

The solution scans nearby flooring, autonomously performs spot cleaning if waste is detected, and sends a notification to the operator when cleaning is out of robot capabilities.

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Elevator Calling and Taking

Through API and IoT communication protocols, the solution can be integrated with elevator systems. It significantly extends the reach and autonomy of the cleaning robot.

Application scenarios


Main corridors

Meeting area

Dining room

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