Robotic floor maintenance solution for supermarkets

Improve the cleaning process for supermarkets with the autonomous robotic solution. Save valuable workforce from routine floor scrubbing and enhance supermarket perception through technology.

Robotic floor maintenance solution for supermarkets

Solution composition

  • The autonomous cleaning solution is a combination of cleaning robot and working station. With sweeping, scrubbing, and mopping features robot takes care of mundane floor cleaning.
  • Working station charges batteries and changes the water to support robots’ autonomous operation and reduce human intervention.

Solution benefits

Lower Expenses

The cleaning solution performs autonomously. Thanks to that, people interaction is reduced to short guidance and simple maintenance. This significantly cuts cleaning expenses for supermarket floor maintenance and delivers ROI in 9 months.

Quality and Efficiency

Robotics sweeping, scrubbing, and dust mopping frees cleaning personnel from hours of floor cleaning and guarantees a profound impact on the supermarket flooring.


Market-leading sensor system with 2D LiDAR, 3D depth camera, and 3D ToF cameras excludes collisions with people and objects.

Remote Monitoring

Automation tasks can be set up in a cleaning schedule using mobile and Web platforms. Operators can also review cleaning reports, productivity metrics, and operation timing.

Strong Company Image

Supermarkets with autonomous cleaning robots viewed as forefront retailers with innovative approach. This increases the number of clients and personnel retention.

Solution Features

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Diverse Floor Cleaning

The solution operates on all supermarket floorings. Natural stone, marble, ceramic, PVC, vinyl, epoxy, and concrete are acceptable.

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Auto Spot Cleaning

Auto Spot Cleaning or just cleaning at supermarket picture. Picture where robot recognise dust and go to clean it. Or just dust spot picture in the supermarket

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Superb Productivity

In 24 hours, autonomous cleaning solution can cover up to 15 000m2.

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Night Shift Cleaning

The solution can be scheduled to clean the floor at night. No need to overload personnel as the robot works autonomously for superb cleaning.

Application scenarios

Fruit and vegetable area

Main aisles

Meat and Fish zone

Dairy area

Bakery area

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