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Edgecore solutions propose open hardware, commercial and open-source software to service providers and network operators to tackle constantly evolving network requirements.

Edgecore solutions open hardware, commercial and open-source software

Open networking solutions are based on open standard, bare-metal hardware with a choice of independent open software for commercial NOS (Network Operating Systems), Open Source Software SDN, virtualization, and cloud orchestration. For years, hyper-scale data center operators have been enjoying the benefits of open networking solutions: reduced network equipment expenses, automated and accelerated provisioning of network capacity and services, greater control over the development of enhanced network services, flexibility to work with best-in-class suppliers, and reduced operating expenses.

Edgecore Cloud Data Center

Cloud Data Center

Edgecore Networks offers choices of hardware to meet open network deployment, from 1G, 10G, 25G and 40G, 100G, 400G, 800G.

  • 800G Data center switch
  • 400G Data center switch
  • P4 programmable switch series with 25G and 100G networking
  • 100G Data center switch
  • Open network packet transponder
  • Server Switch
Edgecore Networking software – SONIC

Networking software - SONiC

Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Edgecore is a hardened, open distribution of SONiC (Soſtware for Open Networking in the Cloud) which runs on Edgecore Open Networking switches. The SONiC Community is led by Microsoſt and many key players, including Edgecore, to deliver a robust and proven soſtware infrastructure to enable customers to build highly portable, scalable data center networks.

Edgecore Service Provider

Service Provider

Edgecore provides a broad portfolio of OCP Accepted open hardware including cell site gateways, aggregation switches, core routers, broadband OLTs, and optical packet transponders for different applications and vertical markets.

  • Aggregation routers
  • Core routers
  • Access routers
  • Packet optical
  • Fixed broadband access
Edgecore Enterprise Switches

Enterprise Switches

Edgecore Networks provides a full range of managed switches to fulfill different deployment requirements, from small/medium business users, and enterprise to carrier-level service providers, from simple web-smart switches to Layer 2, Layer 3, and industrial switches. Managed switches all come with Edgecore Networks’ in-house developed EdgeCOS software.

Edgecore Wireless Solutions

Wireless Solutions

Focusing on enterprise, campus, and hospitality markets, Edgecore Networks offers integrated Wi-Fi solutions for complex Wi-Fi environments, ensuring a high-performance, flexible, and cost-effective wireless experience.

  • ecCLOUD & ecOpen Cloud Controller
  • Wireless Access Points
  • WLAN Gateway Controller
  • Terragraph Certified 60GHZ solution
Edgecore Optics and cabling

Optics and cabling

Edgecore Networks pluggable optical modules provide fiber and copper connectivity over our entire range of products. With the flexibility to expand by media type (copper/fiber), speed (Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, or 10/25/40/100/400 Gigabit Ethernet), and distance (100 m to 80 km). A wide choice of SFP, SFP+, SFP28, QSFP+, QSFP28 and QSFP-DD pluggable modules. Edgecore transceivers are tested for compatibility with switches and SONiC.

Full Edgecore product catalog

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