Mimosa Networks, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Radisys Corporation, is the global technology leader in wireless broadband solutions, enabling service providers to connect dense, urban, and hard-to-reach rural homes at a fraction of the cost of fiber.

Mimosa hybrid fiber-wireless architecture

Mimosa’s access, backhaul, and client solutions are deployed in a hybrid fiber-wireless architecture and engineered for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections across a variety of diverse applications, including residential and business high-speed internet access, surveillance, public safety, education, and hospitality networking. Mimosa's technology delivers unprecedented levels of cost-effective spectral efficiency, allowing scarce spectrum to be concurrently and reliably shared across networks. Mimosa has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Radisys® Corporation in 2023. The Mimosa product suite complements Radisys Open Access (Connect Open RAN and Connect Open Broadband) portfolio.

Mimosa Products and Solutions

Mimosa brings a diverse portfolio of point-to-point and point-to-multi-point connectivity products leveraging unlicensed spectrum bands. These products enable the rapid rollout of multi-gigabit-per-second Fixed Wireless Access networks and wireless backhaul connectivity for telecommunications systems.

Mimosa Point-to-Point Backhaul Solutions

Point-to-Point Backhaul Solutions

Delivering breakthrough speeds and superior reliability. Get fiber-like, gigabit speeds for a fraction of the cost. Deploy wireless links in just a matter of hours.

Mimosa Point-to-Multipoint Access Solutions

Point-to-Multipoint Access Solutions

Whether you are a service provider, an enterprise IT manager or a network system integrator, Mimosa is the price/performance leader. Our equipment delivers blazingly fast connectivity for any point-to-multipoint (PTMP) deployment.

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