Since 2002, Q-nomy has been developing, selling, and implementing software solutions that help organizations optimize the customer experience in their branches or stores.

Q-nomy software represented by ASBIS

Q-nomy is a part of the Callflow Group, with Headquarters in Miami, Florida (USA), R&D Center in Israel, and a Support Center in Canada, as well as a network of partners around the world, which develops, sells, and implements software solutions.

  • The company also provides a wide range of professional services that complement its software offering such as business requirements analysis, custom solutions development, change management, media and content production for campaigns and more.
Q-nomy Enterprise Appointment Scheduling and Tracking Software

Enterprise Appointment Scheduling and Tracking Software

Enterprise appointment scheduling software is a central-server solution for managing appointments and required resources in all your branches and stores. The solution includes a complete suite of tools, which gives customers the power of online scheduling, via web, mobile or kiosk applications, or by contacting agents through the call center, chat, and any other contact channel.

Q-nomy Customer Flow Management Software

Customer Flow Management Software

Q-nomy’s Customer Flow Management software is a central-server solution that provides all the company's branches with advanced customer reception, queuing, routing and interaction management tools to optimize the customer journey, with optional appointment scheduling and staff planning applications. Real time monitoring, alerts and reports ensure managers at all levels stay on top of their KPI’s.

Q-nomy Cubu - Customer Journey Software as a Service

Cubu - Customer Journey Software as a Service

Cubu™ is the latest innovation from Q-nomy, a team that has been at the forefront of omnichannel customer journey management since 2002. Cubu delivers a simpler, more agile, 100% SaaS offering that packs the power and innovation of Q-nomy, and the experience accumulated in countless projects deployed around the world.

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