А wide variety of innovative hard disk drive products for a number of solutions and customers.

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Toshiba Electronics Devices & Storage Corporation and its affiliates (Toshiba) supply a wide range of innovative hard disk drive (HDD) products to meet the varied demands of the diversified storage marketplace. Toshiba aims to continue to advance HDD technologies and innovation to meet and exceed customer requirements across a broad spectrum of storage market segments.

  • Could-Scale and Enterprise HDD
  • Video Surveillance HDD
  • PC-grade HDD
  • Consumer HDD
Toshiba Could-Scale and Enterprise HDD

Enterprise HDD

Provide unsurpassed quality and reliability for demanding 24/7 server and storage deployments.

  • Toshiba AL Series HDD. Enterprise Performance
  • Toshiba MG Series HDD. Enterprise Capacity
Toshiba Video Surveillance Hard Drive

Video Surveillance HDD

Reliable storage systems that meet expectations of high-resolution video data streams.

  • Toshiba S300 Surveillance HDD. For DVR , NVR and Hybrid sDVR (analog and IP)
  • Toshiba S300 Pro Surveillance HDD. For DVR , NVR, Hybrid sDVR and RAID storage arrays for surveillance
  • Toshiba MG Series HDD. For video analytics and long-term storage of a large amount of video data
Toshiba NAS HDD


A range of storage capacities to help businesses and content creators share common storage resources and preserve valuable digital assets.

  • Toshiba N300 NAS HDD
Toshiba PC-grade HDDs

PC-grade HDDs

A wide range of industry-standard disk storage capacities to help PC and platform designers efficiently store and deliver better quality digital content.

  • Desktop HDD
  • Mobile HDD
Consumer Storage

Consumer Storage

Canvio External HDD line up

  • Canvio Portable HDD
  • Canvio Desktop HDD

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